Happy Monsters Guard You Digital Campaign / HTML5

Every Spring Festival, the big brands of the use of the market, grab the attention of consumers. This year, minsheng credit card combined with the first hit movie "monster hunt 2", a wave of "meng to bang" integrated marketing. Credit card of the people's livelihood in IP and release the livelihood of the people to catch demon ji hu famous theme credit CARDS, both delicate and beautiful card samples, visual super cured, hu stupid vivid and lovely, and the formation of strong contrast, strength of ring powder.

CubeRights opposite party is responsible for the credit card marketing to borrow the wave Spring Festival of the people's livelihood, the notice is effective communication between the brand and audience, to find and they join points in life are often the most direct way. When it comes to the Spring Festival, "reunion" is often used by the major brands as a creative appeal to the outside world.


China Min Sheng Bank
Creative Direction / Planning / Project Managment / Art direction / Design / Animation

On the basis of the original film, tells the story of the demon, and hu jing into the concept of the monster,no matter you are at home or on the way home for the Spring Festival preparing for the Spring Festival, the monster will always behind you silently watching you, give you the most warm company, all the luck and blessings to you. Because of their existence, maybe you won't need the blessing of the door god this year, and you will be happier in 2018 when huba and benben guard you.

Conclusion: the spread of the theme of the people's livelihood: always blessed demon guard you -- in our stereotypes, lich has long been seen as a symbol of evil, but to have such a group of demon, they are the guardians of the human, remained no matter where, as long as there is need, they will immediately appear to help you. Now they will continue to guard your life in a credit card.