NETEASE Annual Bonus Action Digital Campaign / HTML5

"Monster Hunt 2", namely with the echo of the joint marketing, sweeping the streets, and is one of the Spring Festival of advertising, but again the same subject matter, would always have QingJi Angle and the CubeRights opposite party as the netease new mix them skip the creative agency, find the point of view.

Dedicated to the national life event, a popular online game called "the ghost of the new girl" and "monster hunt 2" launched a new spirit beast. This campaign is aimed at calling on the players to take the baby home... Take a baby home can, how to eat chicken without a word? Eat chicken again! And ding lei to solve the problem?


专注国民终身大事的热心热门网游《新倩女幽魂》端游联合《捉妖记2》推出全新灵兽,此次宣传旨在呼吁玩家们带娃回家… 带娃回家可以,怎么一言不合就吃鸡了呢?还古装吃鸡!还要丁磊出面解决问题?

Creative Direction / Planning / Project Managment / Art direction / Design / Animation

Catch demon is movie IP year-end hot spots, with the cooperation of the brand is numerous, the for the new mix ghosts "end make joint H5, is to break the conventional simple joint marketing, and combined with another current hot" chicken ", and forms of the chicken to compatible "President marketing" + "interest free-for-all, do depth fit from the creative content, attract users with a complete story, to make the cooperation between the IP and the brand more rational and interesting.