An Expanding Rice Glue Ball Digital Campaign / HTML5

As for yuanxiao, you may have eaten sesame stuffing and peanuts, or you may have tried the same kind of durian and bacon stuffing with TV advertisements, but have you ever seen the yuanxiao?

Yuanxiao man is a base of teasing, and proficient in 6 kinds of dialect, H5, he in the dustpan and sitting on the swings in the spoon, he will not forget you mean nervously provocation, "anger" you, let you "shake", after each shake phone, yuanxiao will touch on flour swelling. Then you will be lazy and mean, and continue to "stimulate" you, making you feel that this yuanxiao is as familiar as those around you who are always black.


China AMC
Creative Direction / Planning / Project Managment / Art direction / Design / 3D Design

The whole H5 we opened six characteristic mode of dialect, including the area of north China, northeast area, northwest area, each area, jiangsu postal district and the district of guangdong, almost covers the whole of China. Beijing dialect, northeast dialect, sichuan dialect, cantonese... In each dialect, there are different styles of yuanxiao "inner play", especially the northeast dialect and the northwest dialect yuanxiao is known as the humor.