Ten brands unite with black technology Digital Campaign / SOCIAL

CubeRights antagonists to the wave of creative campaign for the people's livelihood credit card planning, starting from the features of the card itself, global debut 3 d printing zi defines credit CARDS, even if the color and copywriting according to be fond of their choice. But we hope so easily on April fool's day festival atmosphere, upgrade the concept of "zi definition", and in combination with ten brand of product function, bold "YY" some imaginative future science and technology, changing our way of life.

Our purpose is to tell you that it is only because the future is unpredictable that it can be imagined without limitation. Although it may not seem possible at the moment, the future is full of possibilities. Maybe one day, the good life you want will be defined by your "idea".

If you had this credit card, what kind of cool features would you want to add? Open your imagination quickly and join us in defining the future!




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